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Mi Latinidad  is passionate about community and conversation. Our goal has always been to celebrate, educate, and investigate Latinx culture through various art mediums. Historically we have done this through our annual show, though due to COVID-19 we have shifted to more digital forms to protect the safety of our ensemble and audiences. If you'd like to support our mission until we can get back onstage, you can make donations from our Wish List that contribute to the upcoming productions we have in store. We also recommend making a donation to the charity Border Angels, which was the nonprofit we had chosen to give our annual fundraiser donations to before we had to cancel our show due to the pandemic. Lastly, you can stream and share episodes of our podcast Sobre Mesa. We appreciate any and all generous donations of time and money spent on furthering our goals and we can't wait to see you live in the future!

Wish List 

Causes We Care About

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