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Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Communications

Alix is a multidisciplinary Latina artist that focusses primarily on theatre, singing, and poetry. She is a Chicagoland native and so proud to be finding new ways to serve the latinx/e community inside her beautiful city. As passionate as she is about performing, she is even more excited by creating art and social programs that benefit local and global communities. Alix believes there is always more to learn and hopes that Mi Latinidad will be a part of other people’s journey to learning and engaging more with Latin culture. 



Co-Founder, Director of Finance & Administration

Jalbelly is a creative soul with a love of life and learning. She is a first generation Dominican American with a passion for Latinx/e art, and as an artist, Jalbelly finds her most fulfilling work collabortating with other

bright minds, like the ladies of Mi Latinidad. Jalbelly is so incredibly proud to be a founder of Mi Latinidad and help create space for Latinos to explore their identities both personally and professionally.


Tatiana (Tatie)

Co-Founder, Director of Growth & Development

Tatiana is a Latinx actor, producer, director, and teacher with a strong dedication to arts activism. A proud Mexiruvian (Mexican/Peruvian) from Miami FL, Tatiana actively works to improve Latinx representation in theatre, tv, film, video games, and other multimedia platforms. Her greatest professional aspiration is to create and support accessible art that brings visibility to underrepresented communities. Tatiana has worked in Chicago, New York, and Miami as a manager, artistic director, and educator. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management at the University of Miami while co-managing Mi Latinidad with her amigas jefas.


Viviana (Viv)

Co-Founder, Director of Education & Outreach

Viviana is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily focuses on acting, writing, and directing. Born in Venezuela, raised in FL, and now residing in Chicago she’s always valued the importance of building community and hopes to establish a network of artists with Mi Latinidad. Producing and promoting works by Latinx artists cultivates a renaissance of culture, and she wants Mi Latinidad to serve as the space for it. Viviana wishes for the community to lean on each other in times of hardship, while still being able to laugh along the way of navigating what it means to be Latin American. 

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