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"3Arts advocates for Chicago's women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities working in the performing, teaching, and visual arts."

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Brave Space Alliance

"Brave Space Alliance is the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, and designed to create and provide affirming and culturally competent services for the entire LGBTQ+ community of Chicago"

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Immigration Equality

"Immigration Equality is the nation’s leading LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrant rights organization. Through direct legal services, policy advocacy, and impact litigation, we advocate for immigrants and families facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status."

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Border Kindness

"Border Kindness provides asylum-seekers, migrants, refugees, and the displaced with comprehensive services that include food, shelter, clothing, medical care and legal services."

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The I love Venezuela Foundation

The I Love Venezuela Foundation is an,"organization founded by a group of committed Venezuela citizens,interested in assisting established non governmental organizations (NGO’s) in Venezuela, and fulfill their objectives by supporting them with necessary resources."

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The Honeycomb Network 

"The Honeycomb Network is a multi-functional community space located on Paseo Boricua in Humboldt Park, providing a hive for people of color to be centered as leaders, teachers, facilitators & learners in order to work, grow and sustain."

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Therapy for Latinx

"Therapy for Latinx leverages technology to serve as a national mental health resource for the Latinx community."


Posh Palma Styles

"We want to welcome the free-spirited soul, who embodies pure romanticism and feels great in her own skin. We strive as a team to bring our Jefa’s unique one-of-a-kind pieces which make us smile and fulfill every confident piece of ourselves."

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Border Angels

"Border Angels is a nonprofit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on  issues related to the US-Mexican border."

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Families Belong Together

"Families Belong Together works to permanently end family separation and detention, seek accountability for the harm that’s been done, and immediately reunite all families who remain torn apart."

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Indigenous People's Movement

"Indigenous Peoples Movement is uniting indigenous peoples from across the world to stand together to bring awareness to the issues affecting indigenous men, women, children and two spirits."

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Justice for Migrant Women 

"Justice for Migrant Women protects and advances migrant women’s rights through education, public awareness and advocacy." 

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The Broadway Sinfonietta

"The Broadway Sinfonietta is an all women-identifying, majority women-of-color orchestral collective. Our mission is to support the existence, excellence, and equity of FEMALE BIPOC musicians, orchestrators, and contractors in the Broadway industry."

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"#WEALLGROW LATINA is a digital and IRL community of thriving Latina creators, makers, and entrepreneurs who support and uplift each other."

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The Love Fridge Chicago

"The Love Fridge is a Chicago mutual aid group grounded in food, working to place community refrigerators across the city."

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